Our History

From the first day we opened our doors over 125 years ago, to today we have always focused on remaining a true “Community” bank in every sense of the word.  That’s because we look at community responsibility as an extension of who we are and what we do every day.  We are committed to the strong belief of working to “Make a Difference” in the lives of our customers and in the communities we serve.

We are also proud that we are one of the only remaining privately owned community banks in our area.  Because of this you’ll notice right away that we’re not one of those “big banks”.  You know; the ones that never really know who you are and try to sell you things you don’t even need!  No, at CUB we’ll get to know you, we’ll call you by name, and we’ll work with you to help you reach your personal financial goals.

Not only will you find all of the finest financial products and services you have grown to expect from a bank, you’ll also find a team of professional, caring individuals who are dedicated to making a difference in your life.  We promise you this: from the minute you walk in our doors, you will “feel” that difference!  From the warm friendly faces that greet you, to the Internet Café with hot coffee and sweet treats, you will know immediately that you have come to the right place; a Bank that will be there for you and your family now and for many years to come.

So come experience the difference!  Experience CUB!

Purpose Statement

Citizens Union Bank’s purpose is to make a difference in the lives of people we touch.

We do this through:

Enriching our customers’ lives by providing them with services that help them achieve their financial goals;

Being involved in our communities to help them become better places to live and work;

Providing our employees with challenging and fulfilling work that enables their professional growth and development;

Providing our shareholders a good return on their investment by consistently operating in a safe, ethical and profitable manner.

Our Core Values

Our team of highly qualified banking professionals strives daily to be the very best by demonstrating the qualities of our Core Values which we call T-I-G-E-R-S.

Trust is defined as the belief and confidence in the integrity, reliability, and fairness of a person and organization.

- What this means to you – You can trust us to do what we say and treat you honestly and fairly.

Interdependence is defined as two or more people who appreciate and rely on each other’s strengths and are mutually responsible for personal limitations and personal growth.

- What this means to you – We value the diversity of our customers and understand that we cannot be successful without the relationships of our clients.

Genuineness is defined as the personal quality and learned behavior that promotes sincere, honest, respectful, and direct communication in an open and responsible manner.

- What this means to you – We try to “park our egos at the door” and treat everyone as our equal.

Empathy is defined as practice of working to understand the feelings and ideas of another person.

- What this means to you – We listen to our customers and try to understand their prospective, to see the world through their eyes and to gain from their insight.

Risk is defined as involving and exposing oneself to change or loss.

- What this means to you – We understand that banking is a business focused on taking calculated risks. We are not afraid to take risks that we understand.

Success is defined as effectively achieving what our organization has sent out to do. The effectiveness implies that both interpersonal satisfaction and work quality have been achieved.

- What this means to you – CUB has a long history of success. At CUB we set high standards for ourselves and the organization. We expect a high level of performance from ourselves and from each other.