The Center for Women and Families – Shelbyville KY

The Center for Women and Families helps victims of intimate partner abuse or sexual violence to become survivors through supportive services, community education and cooperative partnerships that foster hope, promote self-sufficiency and rebuild lives.

If you or someone you love has experienced sexual assault or partner abuse at any point, please remember that help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our toll-free crisis line: 877.803.7577.

Multi-purpose Community Action Agency

Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency’s (MPCAA) mission is to help people, to meet community needs, and to provide hope. The agency is about real people: the individuals and families who need assistance in meeting basic needs such as health, safety, food and shelter; the individuals and families seeking a road out of poverty into self-sufficiency; the elderly who are seeking assistance in maintaining independent living; the individuals and community partners who volunteer time and resources to assist in meeting community goals and objectives; and the dedicated staff that listen, encourage, and inspire.

Services Available

Services Multi-Purpose CAA provides include:

• Adult Day Care Program – Serves older individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia

• Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) – Provides services to address poverty based on community need

• Energy Assistance – Subsidy/Crisis Programs help maintain family stability

• Food Pantry – Partnership with Dare to Care to alleviate hunger in the community

• Healthy Marriage – Provides relationship enhancement curriculum to individuals/families to improve family functioning

• Senior Commodities – Commodities given to seniors 60 years or older/low-income

• Social Services for the Elderly – Nutrition, congregate and home delivered meals

• Weatherization – Winterizes homes to lower energy consumption and heating costs

• WinterCare – Assists those in need with their utility bills

Love My Neighbor, Inc. – Taylorsville, KY

Love my Neighbor Inc. (LMN) is a non-profit organization that endeavors to minister to our community by offering clothing, shoes & other household needs.

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