There is a new phising “fraudulent” email going out that plays on your emotions by posing as a “death notification”. They hope you’ll click on their link to find out who the notice was for; after all, maybe you didn’t hear that somebody you knew passed away and you don’t want to miss the visitation or send a card!

But, the link would take you to a fake site, one full of “drive by” malware that would automatically try to load on your computer by just visiting the site and let the fraudsters capture personal information or do other bad things.

Just delete the message and move on… Remember, phishing notices may look like death notices, birthday cards, gift cards, “you won something”, greeting cards like Happy Valentines, etc. Anything to get your attention, cause an emotional tug and get you to click on their link… Always make sure you know who your email is from before clicking.



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