Visa Gift Cards

Giving the perfect gift is easy with Visa Gift cards. Purchase one today from any of our CUB locations.

The Visa Gift card is a prepaid card that is welcome at millions of locations where Visa debit cards are accepted—including retail stores and online merchants—and for mail and phone orders.
  • Minimum Load Value per card: $10.00
  • Maximum Load Value per card: $1000.00
  • No Activation Required. All funds are immediately loaded.
  • No transaction limits as long as the card remains current with the appropriate amount for that specified transaction.
  • No ATM access with this card
Check your card balance: All inquires (current balance and transaction history) can be made 24 hours a day at or 1-800-827-6227.

Giving the Visa Gift card

When you give the Visa Gift card, provide the recipient with all the materials you received with the card at the time of purchase. These materials should include the terms and conditions for use, which will help them, understand how to best use the card.

If you are giving the card to a young person who has little card-use experience, you may wish to review the  materials with the recipient or their parent.