Five Years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. CUB responded by donating $50,000 to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief. Last Year, CUB also responded by providing the means for one of our customers to build Phase 1 of the Muses Apartment Homes (See Link Below). The funding was used to help provide affordable homes for those residents who were displaced by the hurricace and those who wanted to participate in the renewal of New Orleans. It allowed for people to have homes — which then allowed them to find work — which then allows the city to begin to rebuild. Initially, no local banks in the New Orleans area were involved. However, as the project enters Phase II, a local community bank will be taking the lead from CUB but CUB was the first to respond and pointed the way for others to follow. Click the link below to see how CUB helped New Orleans. Citizens Union Bank’s Mt. Washington Branch Hosted an American Red Cross Blood Drive on Friday August 6th, 2010. Those who donated were entered for a chance to win a 2010 Ford Focus! The two runners-up each won a $500 gas card! All presenting donors also received a UK/UL T-Shirt! Thanks to everyone who participated.

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