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Imagine putting on your suit or dress the morning of your annual performance review and feeling relaxed, confident and happy.  No stress or doubt, no uncertainty.CUB-info-graphic-2

Sounds like a pipe dream?  Not so at Citizens Union Bank.

“Our performance development process is designed for employees to succeed,” says Melissa Banta, vice president of human resources at CUB.  “We provide continuous feedback throughout the year.  If you want to retain employees, you have to have happy employees.”

Employees fully participate in creating their immediate, 5-year, and long-term career goals and meet for quarterly coaching sessions with their supervisors.  During these sessions employees are asked if they feel communication is good, does anything need to be modified in their workspace or with projects, and what are their future hopes and goals.

“CUB doesn’t fit the regular mode for organizational development,” Banta says.  “We want to be CUB, not like someone else.”

You have a bright future

“In my experience, most people want to get better and perform at a high level,” Said CUB CEO David Bowling.  “Our Performance Development Process helps them better understand what they need to do to be more CUB-info-graphic-1successful.”

Positivity, compassion and mutual respect are part of the DNA of CUB’s corporate culture, according to Banta.

“We spend a lot of time and money recruiting candidates,” Banta says.  “We want to make sure they’re happy and we retain them.  We’re not creating robots and always telling them what to do.  It’s the employee’s performance development plan.  They create it and they own it.”

CUB delivers on its promises

Banta says that when CUB promises something to employees, the bank delivers.  Approved salary adjustments must be submitted by managers to HR on or before February 15th each and every year.

“You can go to other organizations and they promise you the moon,” Banta says.  “But after you sign on the dotted line and you’ve been there awhile you realize that nothing is really happening.”

So picture your big day each year walking into your supervisor’s office with your plan in hand, relaxing into a chair and being greeted by a manager who wants to help you succeed.

“The employee comes in prepared and the manager comes in prepared,” Banta says.  “The employee says ‘here’s what I’ve done and here’s what I’d like to do’ and the manager says ‘You did a great job on this project.  Let’s talk about where we’ll go from here.’”

CEO Bowling stated, “Performance Development is a two way street.  It takes good communication from both the employee and their manager.”

Want to collaborate on your career development plan?

Interested in being coached, encouraged and supported as you build your career?  CUB is currently hiring for various positions.  Learn more on their website.

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