By Citizens Union Bank | September 14, 2017 12:15 am 

Ron Pottinger was just a small boy when he would tag along with his dad on Saturdays to the office. He would play in desk chairs, run around the room – oh, and listened to Colonel Harlan Sanders spin numerous stories.


In fact, Colonel Sanders helped Ron’s dad and his partner launch their first business by providing funding for what started as a fledgling entrepreneurial prototype company in 1979. Through various stages over the years, it has evolved into Blendex Co., one of the nation’s leading custom blending companies with some of the country’s largest food processors and restaurant chains as customers.

Blendex has grown into mixing proprietary blends for breading, sauces and marinades, baked goods and crusts, flavorful batters, coatings and much more.

Recently Pottinger had the opportunity to buy some additional blending equipment at a significant discount but had to get ahold of funds quickly to capitalize on the opportunity. He turned to Citizens Union Bank.

“CUB asked ‘When do you need it?’” Pottinger says. “We had the money the next day. At CUB you don’t have to deal with all of the layers and layers of bureaucracy.”

CUB’s flexibility to create and turn around banking solutions quickly is often why it is the first choice of companies that are tired of banking with large impersonal mega-banks.
Jacquelyn H. Bailey, President, Blendex Company
“We were transitioning from one of the larger national banks, and we found that the CUB folks had a lot more time to meet with us and understand what we do,” says Jackie Bailey, president and co-chair of the board at Blendex. “They took a leap of faith with us and provided a larger line of credit. With the larger banks, we were a very small fish in their pond. CUB can always accommodate us in a day or two if we need to meet.”

Baily said that through partnership with CUB in 2014, gross sales at Blendex have significantly increased.

“I think that’s where community banking makes a real difference with companies like Blendex,” says Kim Dodson, senior vice president and manager of treasury at CUB. “We don’t just look at an industry, we look at an individual business and how successful it’s been when we make decisions. We are nimble enough to move quickly when our clients need us.”Blendex2

From its small beginnings Blendex has grown into a 100,000-square-foot enterprise in multiple climate-controlled buildings at Bluegrass Commerce Park. It has 11 blenders of various sizes that hold up to 4,000 pounds of dry goods each.

“CUB significantly helped us provide for growing demand from our customers,” Bailey says.

Pottinger, who sits at his desk near a framed picture of Colonel Sanders in his white suit and dapper black tie adds, “It was just a matter of a phone call to CUB and we had what we needed.”

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