Preparation is Key to your Financing Needs

Sure…credit standards must be met but a bit of front end preparation and a well thought out financing proposal from you can help get to the yes much easier and quicker.
Don’t scrimp on the details…your financing proposal should include the following items:
  • A detailed company history
  • A brief background (resume) on executive/senior man¬agement and other key personnel
  • 3-5 years of historical financial statements
  • Year-to-date internally prepared financial statement(s)
  • Notations for any significant changes in the financial statements provided
  • The previous 3 months A/R and A/P aging
  • A list and description of major customers or vendors
  • Any recent real estate and equipment appraisals
  • A personal financial statement for each guarantor
  • The request…loan amount…including proposed rate and terms…what you’re going to do with the proceeds of the loan…how the loan enhances your current business situation.
A detailed financing proposal may seem like a tedious preparation; however, it will certainly provide a strong first impression and will greatly expedite the loan approval process.

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