Mobile – just how secure is it?

Half of the workforce today are utilizing “bring your own device” using personal smartphones and tablets for work. The corporate data that is held on these devices such as customer information, emails containing sensitive information, and sometimes the ability to access the corporate network, make the threat even more real.
In 2018, there were over 32 million reported mobile malware incidents. The five most significant threats include spyware, mobile botnets, ad and click fraud, IOT (internet of things) and dead apps. Companies are having more
difficulties trying to determine how to secure mobile devices with the sophistication of the cybercriminals.Below are some general guidelines to follow to mitigate the risk:

  • Require security software be installed on every mobile device
  • User behavior and awareness
  • Update the device’s operating system for security patches
  • Do not connect to unprotected WIFI points
  • Disable blue-tooth when not in use
  • Do not click on any unknown emails or links sent via text
  • Password protect your device
  • Be cautious of what applications you download

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