topic: Adding value to YOUR bottom line

Growing a sustainable business takes paying customers, engaged employees, working capital, and sound financial decisions. Oftentimes we also find ourselves drinking from a fire hose of distractions, and that’s why a well-built banking relationship can help your business thrive. Having a proactive banker that listens, studies your numbers, provides resources, identifies risks and calls you to action is important.

Markets and businesses go through economic cycles of expansion and contraction as well. Expanding companies are focused on growing revenues, improving profit margins and building healthy balance sheets. Should revenue growth slow or decline, then business owners must be able to quickly adapt. Your banker can be your sounding board to discuss reducing expenses, negotiating AR, eliminating low margin or stale inventory, forecasting cash and planning ahead.

If you don’t have a two-way relationship with your banker, it’s a good time to look for a financial partner you can count on. Your bottom line is too important not to.

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