Benefits of Using ACH Payments

“Small Business” is a term applying to organizations of varying sizes and levels of sophistication. Small businesses should make it a focus to improve the efficiency of their payment processes. In this age of technology, more businesses are requiring payments to be made in an electronic manner versus the traditional check. Wire transfers are too costly for most businesses on the originating and the receiving end so more businesses are turning to accepting and sending ACH payments. Main benefits of utilizing ACH payments include:

• Increased business opportunities

• Building revenue

• Managing cash flow by establishing specific dates to make and receive ACH payments

• Reduce fraud

• Strengthen business retention

• Save money while being able to take advantage of discounts with payments being received faster

As a small business, you should be proactive and contact your bank about your payment needs. Seek out banks that have “experts” regarding cash management services, and learn about the security procedures the bank utilizes to protect your account from ACH fraud.

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