How to Maximize Your Business Banking Relationship

Who do you trust as an advisor for your business? If you cannot answer without hesitation, then more than likely you are not maximizing your most valuable resources.

More directly, who is your banker? I do not mean who do you bank with, I specifically mean who is YOUR banker?

Can you contact them directly and are they responsive when you need them? If not that is a problem.

Your banker should be an invaluable asset – a go-to person when you need it. Your experienced business banker has worked with many companies like yours and has personally witnessed the ups and downs of the

economy and operational challenges in your industry. He or she will bring experience and a unique perspective to your company.

Your banker should be a crucial part of the “triad of advisors” for your business. Nurture that relationship, get to know each other and be forthcoming with growth strategies and challenges. A strong relationship with YOUR banker will help your company reach its full potential.


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