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Translating complex data

into real usable information.

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Electronic Data Interchange - Translating complex data into real usable information.

Does your business (large or Small) process B2B transactions? If so, navigating through the complex data with EDI 820 (payment orders) or 835 (healthcare payments) can be challenging. EDI-TransAlert translates the remittance data making it usable information to, then, process within your accounting systems. Your officers will be alerted when DEI information has been received.

With our Transaction History screen, you can view the translated information. Alternatively, you can download the translated data into a usable format (XLS, CSV, TXT, or PDF). This can go towards the automation of the posting of the transactions into your accounting system.

  • Receive an email alert when an EDI Transaction is received
  • View the transaction(s) in a readable format
  • Download the transaction data into a usable format to process within your system
  • Historical Data available for 366 days
  • Supports SEC codes of CCD, CTX, CIE, and PPD


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