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Reverse Positive Pay

Protection from suspicious check activity.

Reverse Positive Pay is a fraud management tool that simplifies account reconciliation activity related to checks presented for payment.


How it Works:

  • Customizable Alerts for Notification
  • Each business day, we'll present all paid checks from the previous business day to you
  • All paid checks will need to be reviewed from the previous day's activity and determine if they should be paid or returned.


What is the difference between Reverse Positive Pay and Positive Pay?

Reverse Positive Pay is typically well suited for small business customers that issue fewer checks each month or large businesses that may want to use it for a less active account and do not have the ability to submit check issue files to the bank. You can receive an alert to notify you daily if checks are being presented. You simply review images of all checks that were paid from your account the previous banking day online and return any payments that appear fraudulent.


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