Treasury Services

Cash Management tools that efficiently manage payables, receivables, reporting, cash concentration and investment activities.

Take the worry out of handling cash for your business.
Access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance on funds placed into money market deposit accounts.
Carry a Credit Card Designed for your Business!
If you wish to set up a Designee (Appointed User), in addition to your Online Banking enrollment, this Online Banking Designee Application will need to be filled out, signed and submitted authorizing the Designee access to your Online Banking accounts.
Review up to the minute account balances and transactions, transfer funds, view check and statement images and so much more.
Reduce expenses associated with issuing paper checks. Pay employees, Federal & State Taxes, Suppliers & Vendors electronically.
Control timing of your receivables by electronically pulling funds from your customers, patients, members and donors.
Significantly reduces risks associated with Corporate Account Takeover using Credit Origination Positive Pay.
Aids in preventing fraudulent ACH debits from posting to your business accounts through debit blocks and filters.
Conveniently initiate domestic and foreign wire transfers online.
Reduce administrative costs and save time associated with taking deposits to the bank.
Visit this page to download your Remote Deposit Drivers.
Simplify and accelerate account receivable processing with wholesale or retail lockbox.
Effectively manage liquidity issues with a Line of Credit Sweep.
Increase interest income by automatically investing excess funds.
Innovative electronic processing solutions to support merchants in a wide range of industries.

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