ACH - C.O.P.S.

Significantly reduces risks associated with Corporate Account Takeover using Credit Origination Positive Pay product.

CUB’s ACH C.O.P.S. (Credit Origination Positive Pay Service) protects you from becoming a victim of Corporate Account Takeover.

C.O.P.S. allows CUB to systematically compare every outgoing ACH credit entry against a “white-list” of approved payment recipients.  If no exceptions are identified by the system all entries are processed accordingly.  If an exception is identified that is not on the “white-list”, an out-of-band alert message is sent to the Originator.  The Originator then has the option to approve the exception and add to the “white-list” or reject the entire ACH Credit File.

Protect your company or organization with ACH C.O.P.S.

Benefits include:

  • Significantly reduces risks associated with ACH Credit Origination fraud
  • Avoid time and expense associated with resolving fraud cases
  • Protect your brand/reputation
  • Protect your working capital
  • Protect employee, customer, and donor data

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