November 5, 2012


In a joint effort to greater serve the people of Spencer County, a group of local Churches and Citizens Union Bank (CUB) are joining together on a mission to launch a new community clothing and household goods store rightfully named, Love My Neighbor.

Love my Neighbor Inc. (LMN) is a non-profit organization which has been created and developed by four local partnering churches: First Assembly of God Taylorsville, Spencer Christian Church, First Baptist Church Taylorsville, and Redemption Hill Baptist Church.  The group remains hopeful, however, that other local churches will feel called to join the effort.  “From the very beginning, the commandment to love our neighbor has served as our common ground.  Our hope is that other churches in the community with that same desire, will feel welcome to join us on this mission,” Jason Cox, deacon from Redemption Hill Baptist Church stated.

LMN will offer clothing, household goods, and appliances at thrift store prices.  Offering the community quality used items at an affordable price will hopefully help local individuals and families who are hurting during tough economic times.  “What excites me most about Love my Neighbor is that it will bring our community together.  When we work together, there is no limit to what can be accomplished,” Doug Martin, pastor of Spencer Christian Church added.

For most stores, that is where the help typically ends.  Love My Neighbor, however, goes above and beyond the norm by offering extended help to local families who share a direct need with the store.  In the spirit of their namesake, LMN will simply give those needed items to an individual or families at no cost.  By doing so, people can independently shop but also know that there is a place within our community that they can turn to for help.  LMN will also be able to provide direct connections to customers who are interested in other programs and trainings which will be offered through the partnering churches.  Programs such as financial counseling, classes for cooking on a budget, and minor home repairs, just to name a few.

Community involvement from the beginning has been part of LMN’s plan and their representatives have been extremely thankful for CUB’s involvement, which has included the sponsorship of their local building.  CUB representative Sammy Crafton shared, “Citizens Union Bank is very excited to be able to help Love My Neighbor Inc. as it serves the needs of this community.  The hopes, needs, and dreams of many will be realized because of this organization.  Love My Neighbor Inc. and CUB will make a difference in this community.”

Love My Neighbor will be accepting donations from the local community, and they are excited that everyone in Taylorsville has a way to directly be involved.  As Pastor Chad Goodlett from Taylorsville First Assembly pointed out, “There are people in this county who have items stored in their homes that they no longer wish to use but do not want to throw them away or take them to Goodwill because they are in great shape.  Most of them wish they knew of someone that could really use it, and we will be able to serve as a community vehicle to help those people.”  Love My Neighbor hopes to be a place where everyone in the area can come and experience love, support, and a sense of community.

As Michael Waits, Director of Missions at First Baptist Church Taylorsville mentioned, “Spencer County is not exempt from having people that sometimes need a helping hand.  I believe that the community will come together to support this great endeavor and hope to see community churches building bridges with one another while working side-by-side to achieve the same goal and purpose.”

If you would like more information about Love My Neighbor, or would like to become directly involved with their organization, feel free to email, or call one of the partnering churches above for more details.

Love My Neighbor Inc is also located on Facebook!



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