Is Service Dead?

In the age of smart phones, ITM’s and electronic ticketing, customers still desire a good service experience. While all industries must utilize technology to gain efficiencies and stay competitive, it seems we push customers into technology without so much as a warm handoff.
In the sales industry when you have a customer that needs a service you don’t offer, but have a colleague that does, you warmly introduce your customer to the new sales person. You might even arrange a meeting so that you can facilitate the transition. So why is it we don’t facilitate that transition to technology?
We need to stop assuming every customer knows how to use our systems or they don’t want help. Offer a complimentary meeting to guide them through your system. Follow up a couple of weeks later to see if there are any features of the system they are still unsure how to use.
Challenge your company to create a better transition process between the customer and technology. Shepherding your customers might just give you that competitive edge you’ve been looking for.


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