Q. What is a chip card?
A. A chip card is a standard-size plastic card with both an embedded microchip and a traditional magnetic stripe. The embedded chip makes the card extremely difficult to counterfeit or copy. Chip security will soon become the standard in the United States, and you can currently enjoy greater card acceptance in more than 130 countries including Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, where chip cards are already standard.

Q. How does a chip card work?
A. The magnetic stripe on the back of the Debit Card can be swiped as you do today. If a retailer has a chip-enabled terminal, you can make purchases by inserting your chip card face-up in the terminal and providing your signature or PIN as prompted by the terminal.

Q. Are chip cards secure?
A. Very secure. The chip makes the card extremely difficult to copy or counterfeit. Plus, you can have confidence in the protection and security features we provide for all card accounts. Should you notice any suspicious activity on your account, notify us immediately by calling 1.866.633.4450 or visiting your nearest banking center.

Q. What information is stored on the chip?
A. The embedded chip stores information required to authenticate, authorize and process transactions. This is the same type of information that is stored today on the magnetic stripe. No personal information about your account is stored on the chip.

Q. Are chip cards a new technology?
A. No. Although chip cards are new to the U.S., this technology has been used around the world since the 1990s.

Q. Where can I use my chip card?
A. You can use your card anywhere you do today by using the magnetic stripe. Chip technology is currently in use or is being implemented in 130 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and most European countries.

Q. Now that I have a chip card, should I continue to notify the bank before I travel internationally?
A. We recommend that you set a travel notice on any card(s) you plan to use while traveling so your card access isn’t interrupted.
You can notify us by Clicking here, calling 866-633-4450 or visiting your nearest banking center.

If you encounter any issues after the travel notice has been placed, we’re here to help. Contact us toll-free at 866-633-4450.