Citizens Union Bank employees know what a shaved mustache and a raw egg cracked over someone’s head have in common.  Give up?  The annual Metro United Way campaign, of course!

United-Way-Egg-Smash-2017-resizedCan you believe the majority bank executives were each willing to choose an egg – six were boiled and six were raw and no one knew which was which – and break the eggs against their own heads just because CUB employees reached their United Way fundraising goal?

And another year, CEO David Bowling agreed to shave off his mustache (he’d had it his entire adult life) if employees surpassed their fundraising target.

“His wife came up front during our employee meeting, put on the shave cream, and shaved his mustache off,” says Clayton Aylmer, commercial loan officer at CUB and co-chair of the 2018 campaign.  “Our CEO was on board with it and he’s a huge United Way supporter.”

This year

This year, CUB emphasized employee rewards during its United Way fundraising drive when the bank hosted a raffle with prizes such as an extra day off, U of L and U of K football tickets, a spa day and dinner and a movie.  All employees who contributed through payroll deduction were entered into the raffle.

Maureen Shoemaker, CUB mortgage operations coordinator and chairperson of the 2018 campaign, says employees raised more than $52,000 this year for Metro United Way, which represents a participation level of nearly 80 percent.

“We know how to have lots of fun here at CUB,” says Jessica Dobner, assistant vice president of marketing at CUB.  “And our executive team participates 100 percent.”

Roberta Steutermann, senior regional development manager at Metro United Way for Shelby, Oldham and Bullitt counties, says CUB is one of her strongest partners every year.

mustache“We can’t do our work without Citizens Union Bank and their employees,” Steutermann says.  “We simply can’t.  They are extremely generous.  In Shelby County, CUB comes in first or second place every year in total giving.  That says a lot for a company with 200 employees.  When they come in second, it’s to a company with nearly 1,000 employees.  We truly cannot do our work without CUB.  They are so intertwined in everything Metro United Way does.”

The gift of time

Steutermann says not only is CUB generous financially, but several employees and executives sit on various community boards of directors, and people connected to CUB have served as Steutermann’s campaign chairs for Shelby County six of the last 10 years.  Employees also do hands-on work during CUB’s Day of Giving.

“They exemplify ‘Living United’ in every way,” Steutermann says.  “They are so committed.”

Shoemaker says CUB employees and customers not only give to United Way but they have also received from the organization.

“So many people at the bank have been touched by United Way,” says Shoemaker.  “I had no idea.  There were a lot of personal stories that came out during those fundraising meetings.  Supporting Metro United Way makes me very proud and makes me really like the place I work.”

Aylmer says that every year CUB kicks off its campaign in October with an employee breakfast that senior management attends.

“The fundraising committee lays out its plan and we get executive buy-in,” Aylmer says.  “Then in November we have our annual employees’ meeting and if we meet our goal, there are fun activities planned.”

CUB participation

eggsmashAylmer says other United Way fundraising activities include paying to wear jeans to work all week, making chili and selling bowls, and other innovative activities.

“Our fundraising goal has continuously gone up and we keep meeting it every year,” he says.  “We’ve raised our goal by $5,000 each of the last three years.”

Steutermann praises CUB for its enthusiastic support of the organization over many, many years.

“CUB’s board of directors also has 100 percent participation, which I think is higher than any other bank in the area,” she says.  “They’re really strong partners.  That’s just who they are.  They truly live what they say from the teller to the CEO.  We are so deeply grateful.”

Aylmer and Shoemaker say that it’s very evident to all employees that CUB’s mission of being active in the community is sincere and deeply felt.

“I think the bank does a good job of showing how United Way helps the community,” Aylmer says.  “CUB is deeply committed to the communities we serve.”

If you want to be part of something bigger than yourself and make a difference in the world, then consider a career at CUB bank.  It’s rewarding to know that you can change lives and make Kentucky a better place to be.

Want to work for a company that gives back?

If you’re interested in employment opportunities at Citizens Union Bank, please access their CUB Employment Center for any current open positions.

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