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KYC2Locally owned and operated Art Recovery Technologies (ART) of Greater Kentucky restores a wide range of art and collectibles. ART specializes in emergency response after a fire, water or vandalism disaster. Ted Roberts and his wife Pamela partnered with Citizens Union Bank (CUB) for the financial tools and resources to open the franchise in May 2017. Lloyd Eddy joined ART a few months later in July.

Roberts applies his expertise in electronic art for the business’s digital restoration work. Eddy uses his training and skill as a fine artist to mend and repair damaged artwork. Pamela provides structure and management and is an artist assistant.

Owners chose CUB as local bank partner

“When Pamela and I decided to begin this adventure, we looked for a local bank partner that treated us like people, not numbers, and one that had integrity,” Roberts says. “We really wanted someone that would partner with us rather than just let us have a place to house some money. That’s why we chose CUB. They were in the community and had concerns for the community. They lived here and were local just like us. That’s how we like to have all of our partners.”

CVessel1Kentucky Center for the Arts fire provides unique opportunity

“We take care of people’s memories,” says Roberts. “Art is not just fine art, it’s the stuff to which we have that emotional connection.” ART handles a wide variety of art, everything from fine art, oil paintings, photographs, and digital restoration to taxidermy. Their clients include homeowners, private collectors, museums, art dealers, auction houses, galleries, corporations, universities, historical societies, libraries, insurance companies, architects, interior designers, luxury real estate firms and others.

KYC3Last summer’s roof fire at The Kentucky Center provided a unique opportunity for ART. The Center’s insurance provider called ART the day after the fire to talk about rescuing the art. “The good news was a lot of the art had been wrapped for the construction project to keep flying debris and dust off,” says Roberts. “That did help a lot, but after a fire in a building like the Center, in order to get the smells out, it has to be heated to very high temperatures and zero humidity.”

Once the building was rendered safe to enter, ART stepped in with a decisive plan. They took care of moving all the art they could to a secure location. For the permanent art collection, they provided shelters based on the specifics of the art. For example, because of its wood construction, overnight they built a climate-controlled containment vessel for “Night Wave: Moon” by Louise Nevelson and monitored the temperature to keep it at 70 degrees and 56 percent humidity for nearly 39 days. The resin structure “Personnage” by Joan Miró only required a standing structure with a door.

Much of the art that was moved out from The Kentucky Center has since been cleaned and returned, and the permanent art collection remains under wraps until renovations are completed.

CUB provides line of credit

Grant-Simpson-2014-1“We had the financial resources to handle The Kentucky Center work, but we realized we needed to establish a growing line of credit with CUB,” says Roberts. That’s when CUB’s Grant Simpson, 1st VP Commercial Lending got involved. He helped them establish a line of credit for those capital intense times.

“When I met with the Roberts and toured their facility, I was impressed by their capabilities, even with their small staff,” says Simpson. “ART is the kind of local company we love doing business with. They are part of and care about their community just like us. They take people’s heirlooms and treasures and make them look brand new. That has both a physical and emotional impact on the community.”


 CUB Bank has been around since 1888, so we’ve been through a lot. We’ve seen wars, depressions, terrorist attacks, and recessions. Yet here we are; always making it through and coming out the other side with continued Strength, Longevity and Trustworthiness.



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