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Carter Orrie 2015Orrie Carter grew up playing football, basketball and baseball in his hometown of Shelbyville and was working at a golf club when he saw the posting for a teller position at Citizen’s Union Bank. He applied for the position and got it and that, as they say, is where it all began.

“It’s a great place to work. It feels like family,” says Carter, 28, who has been with CUB for six years now.

Originally meant to be simply a paycheck, Carter’s job as a teller has evolved into a career as a mortgage loan officer in the Secondary Markets Department.

“I’ll never forget it,” says Carter. “I was counting my drawer at the end of the day, and the manager of the mortgage department walked up to me and said, ‘How would you like to join the mortgage team?’ I told them they’d be working with pretty much a blank slate. What you teach me is what I’ll know. They took a chance on me, they took the risk and saw something that they could develop.”

In his new career as a mortgage banker, Carter says his favorite thing is to work with first-time homebuyers, many of whom are about his age.

“They come in so scared and then I work with them, and by the time we get to the closing table, they are so excited!” he says. “It’s a small community here in Shelbyville and you see your customers at church or in Kroger and they’re so appreciative.”

Carter’s story of success is a familiar one at CUB because the bank offers careers – not just jobs – to young employees who work hard and show talent.

She was a marketer and designer at heart

Jessica Dobner 2010Meet Jessica Dobner. She, too, started at CUB as a teller shortly after graduating from Morehead State University and a brief stint at an insurance company. Dobner showed up with enthusiasm at her floating teller position and eventually had the opportunity to become an administrative assistant in the Investment Department. At the same time, she took on a part-time position at CUB as an electronic marketer.

“I was busy, busy, busy,” says Dobner, whose college degree is in communications and marketing. Before long, Dobner was promoted to full-time marketing assistant.

“I love the graphic design, that’s where my passion is,” says Dobner, 34, who now serves as assistant vice president of marketing at CUB. “I design all of our advertising in newspapers, magazines, digital, billboards, web site, and ads that play on our Lobby TV’s.”

Dobner, who has been with CUB for 10 years, says she would like to learn more about website coding, adding that CUB executives are very supportive of providing training and continuing education to employees. Dobner also found a mentor early in her career at CUB and credits Senior Vice President Kim Davis for taking her under her wing.

“CUB is a great place for women to work,” Dobner says. “This past year I was part of CUB’s Leadership Academy. Members are chosen by CUB senior leadership and we learn about how to live out our brand and go beyond expectations. The thing I like most about CUB is that they look within the organization for talent before deciding to post career opportunities outside the organization.”

Dobner says that her favorite thing about her job is seeing hours of work turn into a finished product. Dobner adds, “There’s a billboard that I drive by here in Shelbyville, and when I look up I say, ‘I did that!’”

His work ethic and financial skills created a sparkling career

Clayton_AylmerNext we meet Clayton Aylmer. To say that Aylmer is a hard worker is an understatement. Aylmer, now in his 10th year at CUB, joined the bank as a full-time teller in 2007 while also pursuing a double major in accounting and finance full time at the University of Louisville. Whew!

“Being a teller is no easy task,” says Aylmer, who now serves as assistant vice president of Asset Management for Affordable Housing. “There are many responsibilities and multiple minute details that have to be covered with each transaction. After working as a teller you see the importance of the position to a bank because they are the face of the bank! Anyone wanting a career in banking I feel should at least spend some time as a teller because of the base knowledge you gain from that position.”

Within months after joining CUB, Aylmer was promoted to new positions with greater responsibility.

“From the beginning I was told that CUB liked to hire from within/promote from within and 4 months after becoming a teller, the Branch Administrator position becoming available, which I applied for and was offered,” Aylmer says. “From then, and from seeing others ‘climb the ladder,’ I was glad I had gotten the job at CUB because I felt it would really turn into a career.”


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