Valuable Non-Profit Data

A common misconception of nonprofits is that they don’t have any information worth stealing; quite the contrary. Consider this; nonprofits generally have systems that contain valuable donor banking information; employee data such as social security numbers and access to online banking.

Nonprofits are actually a hotbed for Cybercriminals. The reason is that many nonprofits lack the financial and staffing resources to protect themselves, leaving them vulnerable. Cybercriminals are not only looking to breach the non-profit itself but also hold for ransom confidential records and files. Once they have your data, the goal is to scare you into paying the ransom to retrieve your data. To make matters worse, once the criminals have your data expect that they will sell it on the black market. Remember Cybercriminals do not have morals.

Your best defense is a good offense:

1. Backup your important data daily
2. Do not open suspicious emails – Just Delete
3. Do not click on suspicious links
4. Patch software security holes
5. Disinfect infected computers from the network

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