Online Banking

Tips to help you learn how to avoid fees.

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Avoiding Fees On Your Account

How do I Avoid an ATM Foreign Usage Fee?

  • Make your ATM Cash Withdrawals from any CUB ATM machine or any of the over 55,000 Allpoint ATM’s nationwide.

How do I Avoid Non-Sufficient funds/NSF Fees?

  • Keep a good record of your transactions.
  • Enroll in Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Set up email and text alerts that will inform you of when your account drops below a balance of your choosing.
  • Set up an Automatic Transfer from another account at Citizens Union Bank to transfer money in the event your balance falls below zero. See your account disclosure for more detailed information regarding fees associated with this service.

How do I Avoid a Counter Check Imprinted Customer Check Fee?

  • Be sure to reorder checks as soon as you begin to use your last pad of checks.

How do I Avoid Dormant Service Fees?

  • Use your account regularly or set up an Automatic Funds Transfer to occur at least once a year to avoid account dormancy.

How do I Avoid an Excess Withdrawal Fee on Money Market and Savings Accounts?

  • Limit the number of withdrawals on either account type to 6 per month. See your account disclosures for more detailed information.

How do I Avoid Mailed Paper Statement Fees on those checking and savings accounts where they are charged?

  • Enroll in Online Banking and sign up to receive E-Statements.
  • Keep the required minimum monthly/quarterly balance in your account.
  • If you are over 65 years of age, contact us to receive a waiver for your fee.

How do I Avoid a Negative Balance Fee?

  • Do not allow your account to be at a negative balance for more than 3 business days.

How do I Avoid a Return Deposited Item Fee?

  • Only deposit checks in your account from reputable/known individuals and companies.

How do I Avoid a Returned Statement Fee?

  • Notify us immediately when you are moving so we may change your address.

How do I Avoid a Telephone Transfer Fee?

  • Enroll in Online Banking and Mobile Banking to make transfers electronically until 7 PM EST Monday through Friday.

How do I Avoid a Temporary/Reprint Statement Fee?

  • Keep your prior Mailed Paper Statements or EStatements in a secure location for safekeeping.
  • Enroll in Online Banking to view history on your account since your last statement was produced.

How do I Avoid an Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer Fee?

  • Enroll in Online Banking and sign up for Bill Pay to send money to companies or individuals within the United States electronically vs. sending a Domestic Wire Transfer.