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It's like putting your spare change in a jar!

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Round It Up Savings

It's like putting your spare change in a jar!

With Round It Up Savings, every time you make a purchase with your CUB Debit MasterCard®, we will round up your transaction to the next dollar amount and deposit the difference into your savings account!

What you need to get started:

A CUB personal checking account with a CUB Debit MasterCard® and a CUB personal savings account.

How it works:

  • Enroll in the Round it Up Savings program - stop by and speak with any customer service representative.

  • Use your debit card for everyday purchases!

  • At the end of each business day, we'll round up your purchases to the nearest dollar amount and transfer the round-up amount from your checking account to your savings account the following business day!


Round it Up is only available on Personal Checking Account types (excludes Health Savings Accounts and Money Market Accounts). We round up the amount of any CUB Debit MasterCard® purchases made by you or any CUB Debit MasterCard® cardholder on your Checking Account to the next whole dollar amount and transfer the excess amount from your Checking Account to the designated Personal Savings Account. We aggregate the round-up amount from each purchase, each business day, and make a single transfer on the following business day. If the designated checking account does not have funds equal to or greater than the round-up amount, the Round it Up transfer will not occur. Account disclosures that include terms and conditions are available at any Citizens Union Bank.