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To help your business grow!

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Small Business Equipment Financing

To help your business grow!

We offer financing solutions to help you conserve capital, support your business objectives and keep your business growing! Our loan specialists can work with you to choose and customize the financing options that fit your business. You can use the funds to purchase everything from computers and desks for an office, to farm equipment and heavy machinery.

Is Equipment Financing right for your business?

Businesses commonly get equipment financing in these situations:

  • You need some expensive equipment but prefer not to exhaust your operating funds by paying cash.
  • You need to replace your equipment frequently because it has a short lifespan or you always need the latest
    in technology, or…
  • You need some combination of the above.

If your business is in a situation similar to any of the ones above, the answer might be yes!
Contact one of our 
Commercial Lenders to find out more!

Subject to credit approval and automatic payments to the loan from a CUB checking account. Up to 100% financing on new equipment and up to 90% financing on used equipment. Other fees and restrictions may apply. For more information regarding rates, fees, terms, conditions and any restrictions contact a Citizens Union Bank Loan officer.