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CUB has long enjoyed a reputation as a community bank that partners with smart entrepreneurs who build unconventional and innovative businesses.  This time, CUB financed Phases I & II of King Louie’s, a 14-acre mega multi-use sports campus in Middletown.

The idea began when real estate developer Matt Rumpke’s daughters Alexandra and Maddie, then 13 and 11, had trouble finding a place where their girls’ field hockey team could play.

“My original premise was to build an inside and outside destination sports facility for the community,” says Rumpke.  “More of it evolved over time.”

Citizens Union Bank Saw the Vision

 “This is head and shoulders above any other sports facility in the region,” says Grant Simpson, first vice president with CUB’s Commercial Lending division.  CUB has been involved in financing King Louie’s since the middle of 2015, and construction is continuing.

“Matt’s been a great partner for us at CUB,” says Simpson, who recently gave CUB’s CEO and board of directors a tour of King Louie’s.  “Our folks were blown away when they saw the whole facility.”

Rumpke said several other banks turned down his requests for financing because the project was unique and nontraditional, but CUB caught the vision and stepped up.

“It was hard for Matt to get a bank’s ear,” says Debbie Prewitt, market president at CUB.  “He’s such a visionary.  When he’s describing something, you can actually see it.  CUB found a way to get the financing done.”

Prewitt says Rumpke has been innovative in serving the entire public with King Louie’s.

“There are even moms and babies classes during the day,” Prewitt says.  “There’s nothing he hasn’t thought of to maximize use of the facility.”

A Sports Destination in Louisville

King Louie’s – at 600 North English Station Road — is home to a 16,000-square-foot indoor field, a 9,000-square-foot indoor field, a full-size regulation outdoor football field with artificial turf, sand volleyball courts and an amphitheater.  There is also an entire building dedicated to indoor golf simulators with 90 courses, 30 of which are included in Golf Digest’s Top 100.

All fields are lined and adaptable for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, football and other sports.  Dozens of public and private schools now use the fields for practice and official games, and the facility is also a site used by regional traveling teams and national competitions.  King Louie’s has grown faster than expected and additional parking is in the works.

“We had the ability to bring a lot of lacrosse programs here immediately because of my background rather than having to build an organization from scratch,” says Mike Havill, who previously sat on the board of directors of the Kentucky Lacrosse Association. Havill joined Rumpke as managing partner of King Louie’s in June 2015.

Havill says King Louie’s has partnered with highly professional enterprises like L4 Lacrosse and Edge Sports Performance to create special indoor training and fitness areas.  The indoor fields include cameras on 1.25-hour time delays so that players and coaches can view and study the films of their games. King Louie’s collaborates, too, with Pro Rehab, which has a satellite facility at the campus to provide training and rehabilitation for athletes.

CUB Builds Communities by Backing Entrepreneurs

Soon, King Louie’s will also open a 10,000-square-foot upscale Americana restaurant called The Blind Squirrel, which will have a sports theme with multiple TV screens, a 15-foot projector television screen, and a bank of glass windows overlooking the sand volleyball courts and amphitheater. Live music and concerts will also be on hand.

“It’s a labor of love,” Prewitt says.  “Matt worked very hard to get this done.  It’s a non-traditional gig, and every time CUB does one of these unique projects we learn more.  That’s when we realize how nimble we are as a bank.”

Do you have a vision you’d like to talk to the folks at CUB about? Take a look at their commercial lending page and then give them a call.

At Citizens Union Bank we are all about going beyond expectations. Our primary goal is to help you achieve your dreams. That’s why we always go the extra mile, above and beyond, to assist you any way that we can.CUB Bank has been around since 1888, so we’ve been through a lot. We’ve seen wars, depressions, terrorist attacks, and recessions. Yet here we are; always making it through and coming out the other side with continued Strength, Longevity and Trustworthiness.
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